Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hendersonville Trip Wrap Up

We stayed in Hendersonville until Monday afternoon so here are some pictures of our adventures Sunday night and Monday morning before we headed back home. 
Sunday night we went back to the Apple Festival to get more apple treats and to check out the booths that we missed on our first trip.  I had a fried apple pie and it was soooo good (even though I was really full from dinner at Binions Roadhouse and the thought of more food made me sick...I ate it anyway).  My parents got fried apple pies to go and Jess and Shannon got more apple slushies.
Right before I took this picture Owen crawled out of the stroller and said "Oh I don't need to be in this picture."  Haha...what a mess!

This little boy was showing Kellan the puppets he was selling at his booth.  He loved that thing!

And then mommy made Kellan take pictures with all of the animals...first...the goat with ice cream on his face
He was not very fond of Mr. Bear
He didn't mind the bear with the ice cream as much...
Riding the goat with Owen

This picture cracks me up...oh that Owen! :)
Sunday night there was a band performing on the stage in front of the courthouse.  Owen loves to dance so he started a dance party...

Kellan tried to join in...with his spoon..

Eden did not participate...

Monday morning we had breakfast at Fireside

This little piggy ate an entire avocado and a whole banana

Look at that belly...he had to be stuffed

Riding the alligator

Feeding the alligator some grass and petting him before we left

Last stop at a roadside stand at an apple orchard

This was in the backseat on our way home...

Cutest little boy ever :)

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