Monday, September 10, 2012

Labor Day Trip: Cousin Time!

We spent lots of time at Aunt Jessie and Uncle Shannon's house watching the kids play and letting them take naps when they were worn out.  The kids had so much fun getting into all the toys and the adults had so much fun letting Owen entertain us with his unbelievable imagination.

This is my nephew Superman.
Superman showing us his superpowers.
Faster than a speeding bullet!
Kellan making some music and watching Superman run by...
This is my nephew the fireman.  Kellan is finally getting his ride in the firetruck.
Is this not the cutest picture?!

Kellan was not too happy about wearing the fire hat

Eden on the front porch showing off her sprout :)
Laughing with Papa

Owen's version of "sharing" is showing the babies his toy and then as soon as they start to get near it, he gathers it up and moves it to where they can't get it :)

They didn't care, Eden was tending to the farm and Kellan was driving the tractor...he LOVED this tractor

Discussing something very important

Having a very important conversation with Papa...bring your own goggles

Papa rocking the babies before bed...Kellan took Eden's pacifier...

So she sat up and went after his!

Shopping at GB Shoes

Uncle Shannon with his babies

Playing on the floor with Mimi

We really enjoyed letting the kids spend time together in between our trips to the Apple Festival.  Check out tomorrow's post where I will be wrapping up our visit to Hendersonville!

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