Monday, September 3, 2012

Kellan and Briggs

Kellan and I were so excited to have Briggs come over and spend the afternoon with us on Tuesday.  Kellan was asleep during his morning nap when she got here.  He was so excited when he woke up and found her at his house.
At first he just sat and looked at her...she's not sure what to think...

Then he just started smiling at her...she's still not so sure about him...I don't blame you girl...I'd be a little wary of a guy that smiley too...

He was scooting closer and closer and then when I looked up from the camera this is what I had taken a picture of!  She was NOT happy that he took her pacifier!  He became obsessed with trying to get it so we moved into the living room to play with the other toys.

Out of all of the toys, which one does Kellan want?  HER puppy Violet.  Briggs didn't seem to mind, she played with other toys.  I gave Violet back to her but she wasn't therefore, neither was Kellan!  Toys loose all of their appeal if no one else is playing with it.

I'm calling my mom...this little boy keeps trying to take my pacifier AND he has Violet!...and what's he so smiley about?
Eating her strawberries at lunchtime :)  Is she not just the cutest little thing?
He's getting a little too close...Is my mom on speed dial?
One of the few moments that he gave her some breathing room.  I think he thought Briggs was a new toy to play with...he wanted to be right where she was the whole time...she just wanted some space!
She can't even play with the snowman (that he's afraid of by the way) without creeper looking over her shoulder.
Afternoon nap :)
Snack time!  Look at him!!  He even hung out under the highchair while she ate!
I'll be OK as long as he stays down there...I'm still keeping my eye on him though...
Poor Briggs...she just wanted some personal space and my steam roller just wanted to be right beside her.  I'm hoping when she comes next week some of the "new-ness" and excitement will have worn off for Kellan and he will give her some time to herself.  I'm also hoping I can get some better pictures!  I had to keep putting the camera down to rescue her by dragging him over to his own area and giving back the toys he kept taking from her.  *sigh* What can I say?  He obviously is his father's child...he didn't get this behavior from me ;)
Briggs is the most precious little girl and I loved having her here with us.  We are looking forward to having her come play again this week.  I'm hoping some of her "calmness" and "quietness" will rub off on my wild, loud man.  Sooner or later she's going to realize she can just get up and run from him because he can't walk yet!  He has a lot to learn about women and sharing! :D

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