Monday, September 24, 2012

Kellan and Briggs: Best Buddies

This is my 100th post!  Hard to believe that I have accumulated that many posts since I started this blog when Kellan was 6 months old.  He will soon be a year old so I've been at this almost 6 months!  I'm slowly continuing to grow my "followers" list so someone out there enjoys reading my posts :)  Thanks to everyone that keeps up with our family and I would always love to have more followers so if you haven't yet, now is the time to officially follow our blog and click on the "Followers" on the right side!   Now on to my regular post...
Briggs came over to stay with us again a couple of weeks ago and her and Kellan had so much fun playing together.  He wasn't quite so scary and gave her a little bit of space.  She realized that all she had to do was stand up and walk away from him when he got too close.  I love to just follow them around and watch what they do and get into.

Kellan showing Briggs how he can pull up on the fireplace.  I'm pretty sure she was impressed by his bravery.

Trying to decide if he's safe or if she needs to get up and run.

Happy girl chasing Kellan around the kitchen island...or she might have been being chased...I can't remember

Brushing her hair while Kellan is napping

Doing a little reading of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Helping me decide what I'm going to have for lunch...

Now these two pictures crack me up!  While I was eating lunch, Briggs came up to me and snatched my napkin out of my lap.  She walked to the other side of the fireplace so I followed her to see what she was going to do.  She immediately takes my napkin and starts seriously scrubbing the floor!

Its not that great of a picture because I didn't have time to put the flash on...but then she starts scrubbing the dining room chairs!  It was SO funny and I have no idea what motivated her to do this.  Carly Jane, you are raising a little cleaner!!
When Kellan woke up we went outside for a wagon ride...

they both LOVED it!

I so love her face in this picture.  This hair was the result of a REALLY good nap :)

Kellan took the baseball out of the wagon, threw it out, and then seemed absolutely shocked to find it on the ground.  He kept pointing to it like he had no idea how it got there.

I LOVE his expression...could he be any  happier?  Even Briggs thinks he's funny.

A school bus went down the road and neither of them could take their eyes off of it...they kept watching until it was out of sight.

Briggs waving to Michael :) Kellan is unimpressed...yeah, he's my dad...I see him a lot...

Watching Michael go back in the house...

Eating her snack right before mom came to pick her up...she waved to Michael the entire time she was eating...I think I have some competition ;)
I love watching these two.  They are so funny to watch and at one point, Kellan watched Briggs stand up, so he crawled over to the ottoman, pulled himself up to standing, and then looked over at her and grinned, like hey! I can stand up too!   The last time she came over he was obsessed with touching her face and trying to grab her pacifier out of her mouth.  This time he was fascinated by her shoes.  They cover ground all over this house and both are so curious and leave no stone unturned.  I have to stay close behind because you just never know what they are going to try to get into next!  Can't wait to see Briggs again and I know Kellan is excited to see his buddy soon!

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