Saturday, June 15, 2013

Easter in Charleston, SC

I know what you're all thinking.  Easter?  Its the middle of June!  I know, I know.  I've been a little busy lately and at least I am getting around to catching up the blog!  I want to keep my posts in order so I will try to get back to the present quickly.  

My family spent Easter weekend in Charleston and Isle of Palms, SC.  Here are a few of the pictures that my sister and I took while we were there.

Kellan helping mommy pack :)

Mommy didn't want to make the kitchen a mess before we left on our trip so we had pizza at Little Italy the night before :)

We left the next morning and Kellan was a great traveler as usual, although we did have a few of these moments.  When he is upset it usually means he is about to fall asleep or he is hungry.

Stopping for lunch at Chik-Fil-A.  The line in the drive-thru was LONG so we let Kellan "drive" for a few minutes.  This has been one of his favorite things to do for several months now.
Apparently I didn't take any more pictures for the rest of our first day.  We stayed in a really nice house in a resort community in Isle of Palms.  My parents were already there when we arrived and my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and niece got there pretty soon after.  We spent the rest of the day talking, getting the cars unpacked, and eating dinner out before we all crashed after the long drive.

The next morning, a restaurant inside the resort was having a special breakfast buffet with the Easter Bunny.  We saw a lot of this Easter Bunny over the next few days.

Kellan and daddy with the Easter Bunny

Uncle Shannon and Owen

Aunt Jessie and Eden

Mommy and Kellan with his Easter egg

Mimi wanted to get a belly shot but it was kind of difficult to show it while holding a toddler...there is baby brother in there!

We spent the rest of the day walking around Charleston.  All of us had been before so we took our time going shopping at the market and taking the kids to the fountains, Rainbow Row, and walking down to the Battery.  I guess that I have been to Charleston too many times because I didn't make a very good attempt at taking pictures of very many landmarks...luckily my sister is always good about getting someone to take a family picture.

The whole family at the Pineapple Fountain :)

Daddy and Kellan watching some dolphins out in the water.
Rainbow Row
Cobblestone streets
Fort Sumter statue at the Battery
Cannons at the Battery

We ate a late lunch/early dinner at Southend Brewery because my mom told us that we had to be back at our house before 6:00 p.m.  

Crossing the Cooper River Bridge back to the Isle of Palms
As soon as we pulled up in the driveway a white pick-up truck with the Easter Bunny riding in the back stopped in front of our house!  Mimi had ordered Easter baskets to be delivered to the kids and of course we had to take advantage of another photo opportunity with the bunny :)

Kellan wasn't too sure about that bunny...

After the Easter Bunny left we all went to the beach for a little while.  It was pretty windy and chilly so we got the kids all bundled up.  They had a blast and the cold didn't phase them at all.
All this boy wanted to do was RUN!

No time for pictures mommy...I've got to GO!

These two look like they are deep in conversation...

Owen could spend hours on the beach with just a shovel and a bucket...Kellan could spend hours just watching.  He loves his big cousin.

Eden showed us all how she can stand and take a couple of steps all by herself.

Eden tried to give Kellan a hug but he didn't have time to stand still for that...such a boy.

He ran and ran and ran...

Oh how I love this sweet face :)

On our way back from the beach Michael wanted to drive around and check out the rest of the neighborhood and golf course.  While we were out Michael spotted an alligator hanging out in some one's back yard.  It took quite a bit of convincing before I believed that that guy was real.

Kellan and Eden sharing a popcorn snack back at the house before bed.
The next day was Easter and the kids all dug into their goodies.
Kellan got 3 new Spot books, a Spot video, Easter eggs, a bucket of sand and water toys and boxes of his favorite snack, raisins.

Daddy reading some of Kellan's new books.  Owen loves to listen to a good book too.

Kellan got some goodies from Aunt Jessie too...bath crayons, a onsie, shutter shades, and a pair of shark shoes :)
We had to rush to get ready to make it to the community Easter Egg Hunt that morning.  It was a little drizzly but the kids braved the rain and cold to collect lots of eggs.  This was Kellan's first Easter Egg Hunt and at first he wasn't really sure what to do.  He would pick up one egg and just wanted to stop and play with it.  He didn't understand that he was supposed to get lots of eggs so mommy had to help.

Family photo with the Easter Bunny again...I told you that we saw quite a bit of him over the weekend.
We had several other adventures but I'm going to put up separate posts for each of on the lookout, they will be coming soon!