Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Trip: Saturday at the Apple Festival

Saturday morning we headed to the Apple Festival in downtown Hendersonville, NC.  There were lots of craft booths and of course tons of apple treats like apple slushies, apples with caramel sauce, fried apple pies, apple fritters, and even apple pie ice cream.  There were plenty of other non-apple foods too. 
I had an apple slushie and it was delicious!  I think Michael had 3 or 4 apple slushies by himself!

My sister, Jessica, and niece, Eden
Trying an apple slushie...they are sooooo good!

Michael, Kellan, Uncle Shannon, and Owen cooling off in the shade

Michael buying yet another slushie...
The stage in front of the courthouse where singers, dancers, and other performers entertained the crowds
 A mosiac downtown
 Papa buying apple cobbler and ice cream

Mimi and Papa taste testing different kinds of apples...their favorite was the Honey Crisp
Homemade ice cream maker
It was pretty hot...Kellan is playing with his new puppy, "Cottonelle," from the Kimberly Clarke booth:)
 We had such a good time during our visit on Saturday that we went back again Sunday night.  It was getting hot Saturday afternoon, so we decided to go eat lunch at a restaurant so that we could sit down and cool off!  Look for more about our trip to Hendersonville tomorrow...I can't wait to share more pictures from all of the "cousin time" that the kids were able to have!

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