Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kellan's Dining Out!

Lately when we go out to eat Kellan wants to eat the entire time that we are eating even though he has already had his dinner.  The last few times that we have been out, he has eaten his dinner, plus all of the snacks that I have packed, and then he STILL continues to yell until we give him food off of our plates.  Really...the ONLY way to keep him quiet and entertained is to give him something to eat.  He is a bottomless pit.  
Michael could eat at a Japanese Steakhouse everyday and never complain.  Do you think birthdai and everydai is some kind of joke?  I hope so.

Eating hibachi zucchini and onions, and carrots off of our salads.  I just try not to think about all of the sodium and everything else bad for him that is all over those vegetables.  Yes, meanwhile I continue to stuff my own face with them.  I need to loosen up, I know.

Eating carrots and olives out of the salad at Olive Garden.  He wasn't a fan of the olives.  By the end of the meal he was also eating pieces of breadstick.
This is how Kellan waves right now.  We have no idea where he has gotten this particular technique but it is HILARIOUS.  He looks like he is giving people some kind of weird salute.  I promise we are not secretly raising a Nazi.
Totally unrelated to eating out...we are headed to Oregon this week.  While some of the areas that we are visiting will have weather similiar to ours right now, other parts will be significantly cooler, especially at night.  Therefore Michael insisted that Kellan get this hat.  Could this baby be any cuter?  I'll answer my own question.  No, he could not.

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  1. Ugh, yep eventually when you have boys who love to eat you have to give in and feed them some of your food...especially when you eat out a lot like us. *sigh* I am sure they will survive and grow into big, strong young men. At least, they seem to like the healthier options (salads and veggies). I love his little "Nazi" wave and his cute little airplane overalls too! Can't wait to hear about all the things to be seen in Oregon!