Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trouble Is On Its Way!

Kellan has been doing a lot of pulling up to his knees but he hasn't really made many attempts to get on his feet...until last week.  If we stand him up and prop him against something to hold onto, he can stand by himself for a long time.  If you hold his hands, he will walk all over the place.  He actually tries to run. 

Last Thursday Michael stood Kellan up and propped him up against the ottoman in the living room.  He stood for a few minutes and then plopped down on his bottom.  Michael left the room and when I looked over at Kellan he was standing up against the ottoman again!  I knew Michael didn't help him up...and I didn't help him it was his first time pulling himself up to standing!  I called Michael in to see him and we all 3 clapped and cheered so much that he plopped down on his bottom again :)  He is handling landing on his bottom a little better than he used to...we had been having dramatic meltdowns where you would have thought he had seriously injured himself every time he fell down.  Now when he falls, he still looks at us, makes a serious pouty face, and maybe whimpers a little, but he holds it together and moves on most of the time without getting upset. 

Friday morning I put Kellan in his Pack N' Play while I was cleaning the bathroom.  When I turned around he was standing up, hanging on to the side of his Pack N' Play and watching me with a huge smile on his face.  He got a little brave and thanks to some energetic bouncing and clapping, he ended up falling back on his bottom.  A few minutes later he popped back up again and quickly discovered that he can chew on the top of the sides.

Just a few minutes later we were in the living room playing and where did he make a beeline towards?...the fireplace.  Of course.  When you suddenly decide to start pulling up, the obvious choice is the most dangerous place you can find.  And what did he immediately do?  Pull Michael's old fire helmet off the hearth and onto the floor.  Yes I know this is JUST the beginning...but trouble is definitely on its way!


And here are a couple of more shots from Monday morning :)

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  1. Oh man, look out've got an "almost" toddler on your hands! And yes, they definitely have to go for the dangerous fireplace (or stairs) first. I just love when they do something and are so proud of themselves that they start clapping their little hands. So sweet!