Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Busy Body!

Kellan has moved from pulling up in his Pack N' Play and on the ottoman in the living room to pulling up on EVERYTHING!  He tries to stand up beside his high chair, cabinets, drawers, the refrigerator, and anything else he can find.  There is only one problem...he can get up easily but getting down is proving to be difficult.  He goes through three stages...
Pulling up and showing pure excitement about being able to stand up!

Then he starts to get a little worried because he doesn't know how to get down...

Then there is all out panic because he realizes that he is stuck!

In the crib he has made a new discovery...the light switch!  So far he can turn the lights off but he hasn't figured out how to turn them on...yet!

Full determination and concentration!  I have a feeling one day soon Michael and I are going to wake up to a flashing light show!

Here is a video showing some of his new developments.  Not only can he pull up but now he is walking and holding on to furniture.  He will even go from one piece of furniture to the next.  He will bend down and pick up objects off the floor with one hand while holding on.  I have seen him, several times, stretch one hand out to see just how far he can go to grab on to the next object to hold him up. 

In this video you will also see two new funny things he has started doing.  Whenever you ask him a question he has started shrugging his shoulders and saying "huh?"  It is so funny and I have no idea where the shoulder shrugs are coming from...he doesn't just do one, he does several shrugs in a row!  You will also see some of his demolition debris as well.  He loves to pull out all of our magazines and tear the pages...he doesn't leave very many intact.  And the last thing you may notice is that he is a fashion victim...his dad dressed him on this day :/


Kellan is growing up way too fast and it won't be long before he is officially walking.  He gets a little more brave every day and I can't wait to see what new milestone he accomplishes next.

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