Friday, September 14, 2012

Cleaning Up: Laundry/Mud Room

A serious intervention needed to take place in our Laundry/Mud Room.  This room is right off of the garage so it becomes a catch all for trash, Michael's shoes, cleaning supplies, plastic grocery name it, its probably in here.  We only use this washer and dryer every now and then because we mainly use the set on the other side of the house, so its not even messy because of dirty laundry!  I have tried to organize this room so many times but it always ends up getting back to this disastrous point.  I do not like the shelving in this room at all.  I hate shelves with wire racks so that things can fall through.  I'd really like to paint this room too but my husband has a problem with change so, for now I will just deal with how it is.  The shelves are practical...they just are not very pretty.

If it was up to me I'd "lose" this fleece...but I didn't...I just hung it back in Michael's closet :)  Those bags of clothes FINALLY got donated to Goodwill and the random tools and other clutter got moved onto the shelves in the garage (where I will have to organize later).

This was a major problem.  We had entirely TOO MANY plastic grocery bags and paper grocery bags for that matter.  Poor Kellan couldn't even get to his wagon!

I have reusable shopping bags in the back of my car and so often I forget to take them in the store with me.  I am determined to make an effort to remember to use them!  I moved a couple of them into the back seat so that I will see them when I get Kellan out.  I did much better this weekend and used them several times.
I bought a plastic bag holder/dispenser from and that has helped tremendously with the bag problem.  I also took some to the Fire Department for them to use for "to-go" orders at their annual BBQ coming up this weekend.  Kellan's wagon went out into the garage
Paper bags went up on the shelf to be reused and I think the other paper products look much neater opened than left in their packaging (I know, I'm picky...I don't know where I get this from, neither of my parents are like this).  I also re-organized the red canvas containers with all of my cleaning products. 
The floors are even vacuumed and steam mopped.  *sigh*  This makes me feel so much better.  The clutter really bothers me when this is a room that I walk through when leaving and entering the house.  Now lets see how long it will last!

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