Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kellan's New Shoes

Up to this point in his life Kellan has been going barefoot for the most part.  Every now and then we will put shoes on him to go to church but it doesn't usually last long because he somehow manages to work them off.  It hasn't really been much of an issue since the weather has been warm and he can't walk yet.  He also has such a chubby little foot that he has outgrown the shoes that he could wear.
We have recently started looking for a pair of shoes that he can wear when we are on our upcoming trip to Portland, Oregon because the weather will be much cooler there and he will need something on his fat little feet.  When we were in Hendersonville last weekend we went to a shoe warehouse and my mom found the perfect little pair of shoes on the clearance rack!  They are the cutest little Crocs and they even have a fuzzy, soft lining on the inside.  We bought him a size 6 even though they were slightly big...I mean just a little bit big.  I'm not kidding....the kid has an ENORMOUS foot.  We're hoping he will be able to wear these for a little while at least.  If nothing else, they will keep his feet warm while we are in Portland!
Trying out the shoes...

He started clapping...that's a good sign

*sigh* such a big boy

Work it, work it...

He found the tag...

And promptly pulled it off!  He still loves a tag!  Looks like the shoes will definitely be coming home with us :)

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