Friday, September 28, 2012

Oregon Travel Day: And We're Off!

We are still in Portland and will be flying home tomorrow but I wanted to go ahead and do one quick post about our travel day.  We have taken SO MANY pictures and have seen so many places, I know there are going to be A LOT of Oregon posts about our travels.  I better go ahead and get started!
And a special Happy, happy birthday to my mom and Kellan's Mimi!  We love and miss her soooo much and will see her when we get back!

Great Papa came by our house to see Kellan before we left for Washington, D.C. for our flight.

In the parking lot at the airport with all of our luggage.  We have so much stuff!!  We are trying to teach Kellan to hold up one finger for "I'm one year old."  Sometimes he gets it and sometimes he looks at us like we're crazy but we still have a couple of weeks :)

Daddy had sushi before we boarded...

Mommy had Potbelly's

Entertaining Kellan at the airport...

Is there a baby out there that doesn't laugh hysterically when you smell his feet?

If there is an empty seat available, you don't have to pay for a seat for babies under 2.  We lucked out and had available seats on our flight to Denver and on to Portland.  He was sooo good and slept most of the flight.

We had a short layover in Denver but we continued on in the same airplane.  We took turns walking Kellan up and down the aisles to entertain him and stretch those chubby legs!  Notice that he is wearing his "FEED ME!" shirt that Papa Mike brought him back from the Bahamas.

And last is a kind of terrible video that Michael filmed while I was taking Kellan on a walk.  It is blurry off and on and I don't know why he takes pictures while he's filming because it clicks during the video.  Oh can see the flight attendant stop us to pinch Kellan's fat legs :)
Look out soon for more posts full of our trip down the Oregon coast, Crater Lake National Park, Mt. Hood, the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. St. Helens, lots of Washington and Oregon lighthouses, hikes to waterfalls, and of course Portland!  I may be blogging about this trip until Christmas! :)

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