Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Prince George Barbeque

It is not a secret that Michael and I love a good restaurant.  We eat at our share of chain restaurants like Maggiano's, Cracker Barrel, P.F. Changs, Olive Garden, get the idea...but our absolute favorite type of restaurant is the locally owned, hole in the wall kind.  In our experience, and we have A LOT, we have found that these types of restaurants often times have the most unique choices and almost always, fabulous tasting food.  We have also learned not to judge a book by its cover because the most humble, simplest looking restaurants often times have the best food...Prince George Barbecue is a good example.
Prince George Family Barbecue is located in a neighboring county and is about a 30 minute drive from our house.  Michael has eaten lunch there lots of times when Grizzard Construction was working in Prince George County, adding on to a church.  He came home from work many days telling me what a great lunch he had that afternoon.  This was when I was a teacher and had either eaten some leftovers I had packed or had to deal with the consequences of relying on cafeteria food.   Finally one day I asked him if this place was open on weekends or for dinner because I wanted to be able to try it!  How ironic that now that I'm home everyday and can eat lunch anywhere I want, I think I've been out to lunch twice during the week!  Peanut butter and jelly has become my best friend!  Back on topic...
Lucky for me they are open 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 9 apparently Michael was trying to keep this restaurant to himself!   We have eaten there several times since then for lunch and dinner and each time I have never been disappointed.  They have a big menu that includes beef barbecue, pork barbecue, minced or sliced, and my favorite, pulled chicken barbecue.  Less obvious menu options include, fried chicken, sandwiches, salads, barbecue sauces, specialty peanuts, and desserts available to "eat-in" or purchase to take home.  All of these food choices are well and fine but my favorite, favorite parts of their menu are the "sides" list and their cornbread.  They have a ton of vegetables to choose from and all of them remind me of family pot luck dinners and church Homecoming lunches.  I'm not usually a big cornbread fan, I'd much rather have a biscuit, but they serve the one exception that I've found! 
We had dinner there Sunday night and it was fantastic as usual.  Michael ordered a second piece of cornbread...also as usual.  *As a side note* I found a cornbread recipe on Pinterest a while back that I have made several times and it comes really close to theirs.  I will do a post soon on that recipe for those of you that don't live near enough to visit the restaurant for yourself.  This cornbread is so good, its more like dessert!

Tired little buddy fell asleep in his new car seat on the way there.

Playing with mommy while we wait for our food.

Little giggle box :)

He's gotten good at giving kisses :)
Michael got the minced beef barbecue, butter beans, and sweet potato tots.  I got the pulled chicken barbecue, butter beans, and mashed potatoes.  We both got the cornbread!  You have the choice between cornbread, hush puppies, or a roll...I'm sure you know what we recommend.

Kellan enjoying his homemade sweet potato crackers...fortunately for us he doesn't know what he's missing yet!


  1. You did realize that when Kellan gets older and looks back at all of the food that you and Michael were eating and he only gets a two are going to be in trouble:). haha, Love Aunt Pam

    1. In our defense, he had his dinner already...the crackers were his snack :) Fortunately for us, right now he is thrilled with his crackers and says mmm-mmm-mmm the whole time he's eating them...let's just see how long this stage lasts!! haha :) At the rate he's going, pretty soon he is going to be bigger than me and Michael and he's going to start taking our food from us!