Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Celebrating Caralynn's Baby Bump!

Michael, Kellan, and I headed down to Raleigh on Saturday for my friend Caralynn's baby shower.  We needed to do some grocery shopping so Michael came along so we could make the most of our trip and he could help entertain Kellan.

Caralynn is due on September 28th and it will be a surprise whether she is having a boy or a girl, however, she keeps referring to the baby as "she" and "her" :)  We will see in just a few weeks!

Opening a gift from Aunt Kayla

This is what Kellan was doing during the gift opening...

Oh!  A dishwasher basket!  We definitely need this! :)
A picture of the Boppy pillow and the video monitor that we had shipped to their house in Ohio...is she not THE CUTEST pregnant lady?!

"Talking" to Daddy

And of course the baby needs its own Giants gear!
Grandma-to-be even got a gift of her own!
Kimberlee reading books and making animal noises :)
Rachel helping to entertain little wiggle britches

Funny face picture!

He really liked Jenni's shoes :)

Jenni showing Kellan how to take pictures on her iPhone

Look at that finger...I think he might actually know how to operate it!

Me with my driver and baby sitter :)
I am so, so, so excited for Caralynn and Brian!!  You have no idea how much happiness and love this little baby is going to bring to your lives.  Being parents is definitely hard work but so worth it.  Can't wait to hear when Baby is on the way!

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