Thursday, August 23, 2012

Outback Bread, A Naked Hiney, and a Birthday

Last weekend was spent running around to here, there, and everywhere!  Friday night we went out to eat at Outback.  It was just a casual meal for Michael and I but Kellan had his first taste of Outback bread...he was in love!  Yes, I can't believe I let him eat something other than his homemade food either but the child was having a nervous breakdown because mommy and daddy were eating and he wasn't.  No amount of reasoning with him about the fact that he had already had his dinner was doing any good.  I have learned my lesson...from now on we are going to have to take some kind of finger food for him when we go out to eat!
He would have eaten the entire loaf if we would have let him
I wish we would have thought to video...he was shoveling it in as fast as his little hands could grab it
Saturday we headed to Raleigh for Caralynn's baby shower.  You can see the post about it here.  Since Kellan is now 10 months there are several new foods that we are ready to introduce in his diet (I will be doing a post on how that goes soon).  We were also running low on some other foods that he eats on a regular basis.  So you know what that means...we needed a Whole Foods trip.  At first, we planned to go to Richmond on Sunday but we decided it made more sense for Michael to come to Raleigh with us, help entertain Kellan, and go ahead and get our shopping done instead of making another trip.  I realized on our way to Raleigh that I had forgotten Kellan's dinner in the refridgerator at home. I had even cut up some cheese cubes for him to feed himself while we ate!! I was so mad at myself for leaving it...but what could I do about it?  We decided that we would get him some yogurt and an avocado while we were in Whole Foods and that would be fine for his dinner.  He LOVES avocado so any meal that includes it would make him a happy boy.
After grocery shopping, of course we had to decide where we were going to eat dinner.   While we were driving around trying to make a decision we realized that we didn't buy a RIPE avocado.  We already had some in the refrigerator so I told Michael to pick out some that weren't ripe yet...totally forgetting that Kellan needed to eat one that night.  I don't know if you've ever tried to cut into an unripe avocado...they are hard as a rock.  When they are ripe they are soft as butter.  *Sigh*  We had already left Whole Foods so we stopped at Trader Joe's to run in and buy one avocado.  So in this adventure Kellan had yogurt and avocado, that Michael scooped out with a spoon, in the Trader Joe's parking lot. 
The Melting Pot just happens to be right beside Trader Joe's so that's where we ended up eating dinner.  We had a little bit of a wait so we changed Kellan's diaper in the car.  I didn't mention that at the baby shower we realized that there were no wipes in the diaper bag.  I vaguely remember handing Kellan the travel wipe container recently in an attempt to entertain him but I can't remember where we were!  He must have chunked it because we can't find it anywhere.  At the shower we used damp toilet paper to clean him up and everything was fine.  This time we had a little more dirty of a situation.  Thankfully I DID have a change of clothes in the diaper bag.  Michael changed his diaper while I poured water from his sippy cup on paper towels to clean him up.  Did I mention that Kellan is in a wiggly phase where he wants to get away during diaper changes?  As if there wasn't enough going on there was a naked baby with his hiney up in the air attempting to climb around in the back seat.  We switched off and I put a clean onsie on him since Michael suffered through the diaper change.
I'm pretty sure we are one of the few couples that take their baby to The Melting Pot.  Kellan was full and sleepy so we were hoping that he would sleep through dinner.  We were not so fortunate but he was really good and pretty much entertained himself.  Before Saturday night, I had only been to The Melting Pot the night before Kellan was born.  Around 6 a.m. the next morning I went into labor.  Luckily, this time, the next morning was pretty uneventful.

Waiting on our table...
Cheese with vegetables, apples, bread, and chips

Land and Sea...filet mignon, shrimp, and chicken

Kellan loving on his glow worm while mommy and daddy eat
Our little monkey...he holds everything with his feet
Chocolate turtle dessert...the best part!

Sunday we actually made it to church even with a torrential down pour!  Kellan was wonderful again during the service and entertained himself by petting all of the animals in his Cuddly Animals touch book.  I really need to get some more of has to just be a matter of time before he gets tired of the one he has!

And to wrap up our weekend, we headed to Michael's dad's house for dinner to celebrate his girlfriend, Ann's, birthday. 

Papa and Kellan
Great grandma feeding Kellan apples
Papa Mike, Ann, and Roslyn (Representative to the House of Delegates) and Rufus Tyler (Chairman of the Sussex County Board of Supervisors)...Papa Mike invited them when he saw them in the grocery store :)
Kellan with Steve, one of Papa Mike's neighbors
Great Papa with Rufus and Roslyn :)

Getting a tiny taste of Papa Mike's homemade peach ice cream

 Kellan and Debbie, Steve's wife...they own the house and lawn where we got married...I'll have to do a wedding post in the near future...
Showing Great Grandma his book
That wraps up our pretty busy weekend!  Have you ever been the mom that realizes that you have no wipes? diapers? pacifer? no DINNER? Well I have been all of those moms at one time or another!  The only advice I have is to relax, handle the situation the best you can, and I promise if you aren't laughing at the will after its all over!  Some things just aren't worth getting worked up about and in the grand scheme of things, its probably not as big of a deal as you thought anyway :)


  1. We've only been to The Melting Pot once but we keep saying we need to go back. I managed to take 2 bottles to the pediatrician's office one day, and neither had nipples. I had a very hungry baby in the office, but it was easily fixed with a trip to Walgreens.

    1. We use so much "stuff" that its so easy to forget at least one thing! And of course, an item that you haven't needed in months will be totally necessary the ONE time you don't have it!