Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kellan's Antique Car

Kellan has TONS of toys.  He entertains himself all day by pulling one toy or one book out of his baskets at a time.  He moves from toy to toy and book to book and just has the best time babbling, tapping his toys together, and dragging them all over the living room and kitchen. 

One day this week he crawled into our bedroom and found Michael's old toy car that Gigi brought over.  We have been joking that since the car is 30+ years old it is an antique!  There is something about it that Kellan loves.  The wheels click when he pushes it so I don't know if that is part of its appeal.  Whatever it is, he has been loving on it lately.

He loves to push it back and forth...wheels clicking away...
Blowing the squeaky horn...he's really into using that pointer finger lately...

Sometimes the excitement is more than he can take!

How do you crank this thing up mom?

This definitely proves that newer is not always better...especially when it comes to entertaining a baby!


  1. I love love love this! Classic toys are the best. I mean, I bet you'd have to pay big bucks for this in one of those expensive classic toy stores (not sure if you have any in your area, but we have lots done here and they are pricey). He looks so happy playing in his little car...and I bet Gigi could probably dig up some shots of Daddy playing in it too. If you haven't already noticed (I'm sure you have), boys find their "interests" very early. With Evan, it was a ball from like six months of age, and with Brody, it was a car. It looks like Kellan's may be cars too. :-)

    1. I wanted to do a side by side of Michael in the car when he was little but I didn't plan far enough ahead! If Gigi can find a picture I will definitely post it! Right now Kellan seems to be interested in EVERYTHING! He loves his beach ball, baseball, drum, books, and car equally. He just bounces from toy to toy. I'm curious to see if he gravitates towards something specific. If he is like his dad he will try to do it all...minus the books...hopefully he will stick with that one from his mommy!!