Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Visit from Mimi and Papa!

This weekend my parents came up to visit.  We didn't have any big plans but it was nice to just hang around the house and watch Kellan get into everything.  It is a 3 hour drive from their house to ours so they got here late Friday afternoon.  Mimi and Papa brought Kellan an Indian headdress, drum, and tomahawk from Cherokee, NC.  He loved his drum and surprisingly didn't mind his new hat. 

We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse that night and stayed up late watching the Olympics.

Saturday we had lunch at Cracker Barrel and hung around the house because the weather was stormy and rainy.

Kellan had to bring his own lunch...sweet potatoes and cherries

What do you mean by "all gone"?

The fun that can be had with a plastic cup

Playing blocks with Mimi
Every single time he would squeeze his eyes closed and knock down the tower :)

Saturday night my dad and Michael grilled chicken while Mimi played with Kellan and I went for a run.  When I got back I made roasted cauliflower and green beans and Michael made corn on the cob.  It was all so good!

Sunday we got up and ate a breakfast casserole that I had mixed up the night before and Michael practiced his song that he was going to sing at church.

Watching daddy sing on the back porch
Papa and Kellan ready for church
Let me apologize for the terrible job I did recording Michael's song.  Kellan decided to have a melt down right before he went up to sing so I was in the middle of giving him a bottle.  I got my dad to hold the bottle and I had to quickly turn the camera on and focus it.  It starts out a little blurry and then to top it all off the memory card filled up so I was only able to get part of the song.  I almost didn't put it up at all but I figured a little piece of his song is better than nothing! 

After church we went to brunch at David's in Roanoke Rapids with my parents and Michael's mom.  When we got back home Mimi and Papa had to pack up to head home.  We were sad to see them go but hopefully we will be able to plan another visit to see them again soon!


  1. Awww, Mimi and Papa did good...I love the little Indian headdress and drum. Visiting with family is the best of times. Oh the destruction phase begins with tearing down the block towers. I am so ready for Brody to get to the building phase instead of the tearing down phase. ;-)

  2. He has tapped on that drum with everything he can find...a baseball, a felt hammer, a block...The destruction phase is definitely in full swing! I loved your post about your little "tornado!" Kellan's toys look exactly like that in a matter of 5 minutes! Its amazing how someone so little can make such a big mess!