Thursday, August 9, 2012

We're Town Council Members!

Elections were held for the Jarratt Town Council in May and Michael and I were officially sworn in as councilman and councilwoman (is that a word?) on July 10, 2012.  Our roles as politicians for the next 2 years have begun!  I'm really excited about some of the big ideas and goals that our mayor, Ken Warf, has for this little town and that we are on the Council to help.

Can you tell that this building used to be the town's fire station?

I went with Mr. Warf last week to meet with the principal of the local elementary school to see what kind of support the Council can offer.  She was full of personality and great ideas on ways that we can be more involved.  I am confident that she will make sure that this is a great school year and I believe that the students are lucky to have her.  We were both extremely impressed with the many programs that the school has in place to promote good grades, positive behavior, and attendance.  As long as the Council approves it at our next meeting, I am hoping some of us will participate in their Read Across America Day, help provide prizes for their Effective School-wide Discipline program, and maybe be visible at a few other special days.  I think it is a wonderful idea for the Town Council to show our support to education because as cliche as it sounds, the children are definitely our future.  As a former teacher I know how much it means to receive even the smallest token of gratitude. 
This picture was taken by Don Koralewski with the Independent Messenger and was in the July 15th newspaper.

I can not wait to see what other new opportunities will present themselves to help make Jarratt a better place to live.


  1. Wow, that's taking on a lot!! But what a wonderful thing to do:)

    1. It has definitely been interesting and a learning experience so far! I am enjoying it though.