Monday, July 16, 2012

The Florida Aquarium

We spent Monday in Tampa first at the Florida Aquarium. Kellan enjoyed looking at the fish and other animals.
Kellan and Daddy with the alligator. don't like the way you're holding me out over here...
Mommy and Kellan watching all of the fish

Family picture and not a fish in sight!

Papa, Owen, and Kellan watching the sting rays.
Now that is a big fish...I don't know how he even turns around in his tank.

Kellan trying to touch the lobsters.

"What are you smiling about?" Such a friendly boy...

Kellan and Eden watching the fishies swim by.

This picture is hilarious. Right before we snapped the picture, Eden grabbed Kellan's taggie toy and Kellan squealed SO LOUD. Eden turned and gave this huge grin to the camera like "Ha! I made him scream!" Not to mention Daddy was freaking out because I put Kellan in the shell that has had all kinds of "germy kids" in it.

Owen joined the party, Eden is still smiling and Kellan is ok because he still has Taggie.
The whole family!

Kellan couldn't hold his eyes open anymore right before we got to the shark tank!

Daddy and Kellan right as a school of fish are swimming by.

Bless his little heart! He fell asleep with Taggie still in his mouth. None of the "fake" tags for him...only the real tag will do.


  1. These are so cute! Seriously, the pictures of Eden and Kellan could be Brody with his cousin, Cate. Cate is all smiles and happy giggly girl, and Brody looks so serious all the time. Of course, he laughs and giggles plenty for us like your Kellan, but when he's with others, he just likes to watch and observe.

    Now, I know you are like I was until recently and blog mostly for memory preserving, but I have been making some great friends on here and have nominated you for a blog award. Hope you don't mind and will come join the blog social fun a little! ;-)

    1. Thank you! What do I need to do? Just answer the questions on your post, come up with my own questions, and nominate others? Anything else?

  2. After one of your previous posts about Kellan always eating tags, I started noticing the Owen loves tags too. Constantly grabbing them and ignoring the other part of the toy.

    1. I know! And Kellan is so funny he will turn his Taggie around until he gets to the real tag...he ignores the ribbon ones all around it. He will take a blanket and spin it around until he gets to the tag...I don't know what it is about them but babies love them!