Monday, July 23, 2012

Kellan the Piano Player

When we returned from vacation we went over to visit Great Papa and Grandma Grizzard.  After Kellan did his usual rolling around in the newspapers on the floor, Grandma took him over to play the piano.  I think Kellan has found a new talent.  He got so excited he spit up a little bit but it didn't stop him from tapping the keys.  I think he was even trying to sing a little bit!  Maybe one day he will learn to play and sing like Daddy!

Papa came to listen :)

Ignore the clicks during the video...its Michael snapping pictures!


  1. So cool that Kellan has a musically talented Daddy. I have zero musical talents and hate it! I wish I could play an instrument or sing halfway decent. Haha! I always wished Eddie had used his musical abilities more because he has a great voice too. You can probably find a video or too on my page of him singing to Evan as a baby. ;-)

  2. I love these pictures. I see that Kellan likes an audience. Can't wait to see him signed up for piano lessons. Aunt Pam

    1. Oh yes! We go to the doctor today for his 9 month check up and shots so his update will be tomorrow with his new measurements. He is going through a phase where he cries whenever one of us leaves the room. It doesn't matter if someone else is in the room with him...he gets upset if someone walks away and doesn't take him with them!