Friday, July 13, 2012

Hittin' the Beach

Cousin Eden and Kellan enjoying the beach
Michael, Kellan, my mom, dad and I flew out of Raleigh into Tampa, Florida.  My sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew flew out of Greenville, South Carolina and we picked them up at the airport in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Most of Saturday was spent traveling so Sunday we hit the beach!

The babies are too little to know it yet but I can already see the fun they are going to have when they get older.  Kellan loves to watch big cousin Owen run around and play and he really wants to join in.  Owen thoroughly enjoyed digging in the sand and swimming in the water.  Kellan particularly loved eating the sand and shells so we had a full time job keeping his hands out of his mouth.  The weather was gorgeous and while it was hot, it wasn't as hot as it was back home!  Anna Maria is about an hour outside of Tampa so it is on the Gulf of Mexico.  The beaches were beautiful with white sand and clear water.The Gulf was perfect for the babies because the water is much more calm and there weren't strong currents or big waves.  We could put them in their floats and they just bobbed along beside us.

C'mon Eden...the sand is right under this blanket...

Daddy and Kellan
Mommy trying to cover Kellan's feet with sand but he kept kicking it off
Owen playing on the beach :)

Eating was all he wanted to do the entire time

Proof that he did enjoy himself!
I love Kellan's face in this picture!

I would smile more if they would let me eat some sand...
More posts to come about the rest of our vacation!


  1. So cute! I love that soft sand and clear blue water. We are thinking of going to Cancun next year before I graduate, and I can't wait for the calm waters of the Gulf! Tell your sister that Brody has that same swimsuit as Owen, and I think it is so cute. Eddie actually picked it out. Brody and Kellan have the cutest pouty lips too...haha!

  2. Kellan has the same swim suit too! She bought Owen and Kellan matching suits but I we didn't plan very well because they wore them on different days! Kellan always has those lips poked out...I think it is so cute! :)