Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kellan's First Flight!

Helping daddy pack :)
I feel like it has been forever since I have had time to blog!  A couple of weeks ago I was able to get a few posts in before I had to start getting ready for our vacation to Anna Maria Island, Florida.  I love to travel but I absolutely detest packing.  Now that we have all of Kellan's stuff to take with us, getting ready to leave home for a week takes a lot more planning...especially when it all has to get on a plane!  Not to mention since I am making all of his food we had to figure out what to take and what to buy when we got there.  I will do a post about that soon because it actually took a lot of thought and there are some things I learned that I will and will not do again.

Back to the packing...I can not express how much we loved flying Southwest!  The fact that your first two bags fly free was so helpful when flying with a baby.  Michael and I both were able to take a full size suitcase with our own stuff plus 2 more bags!  One of those bags held Kellan's clothes, bibs, diapers, wipes, toys, his small IKEA high chair that breaks down, Baby Bullet, breast pump, and a soft sided cooler with some of his homemade baby food.  The other bag was his Pack N' Play in his own carrying bag.  All four of those bags flew free including Kellan's stroller, carseat, diaper bag, Michael's back pack (carry-on) and my oversized purse (carry-on)!  We had everything that we needed and then some.

This picture doesn't really do it can't see the backseat with the other 2 bags plus our 2 carry ons!
My dad, mom, Kellan and I waiting in line at the airport

Mimi and Papa across the aisle

Kellan was the perfect traveler.  He of course checked everything out on the plane and had to touch it all.  Thankfully we had Wet Ones that we wiped everything down with before he got his little hands on them...and I know what you are thinking...yes we were THOSE parents scrubbing the seats, arm rests, table, I even wiped the window and the wall.  After he rubbed and touched everything he could get his hands on he fell asleep across my lap and slept for the whole flight!

Please ignore my blank stare...
Sleepy boy...
On the return flight we were lucky enough to be on a flight with an extra seat so Kellan was able to sit in his car seat beside us at no extra charge.  He slept for the whole flight again and this time my arm didn't go to sleep!  More posts to come on the rest of our vacation...


  1. Glad the first flight went so well...and that Southwest still has free baggage! We had to pay for our bags on US Air but that was the best deal on flights to Orlando from Charlotte (Charlotte is a Hub for them). We were lucky not to have to take a pack and play since Disney provides those and the stroller was free to take. We managed to get away with only having to pay for 2 bags with all of our carry on bags so not too bad for a family of four. Can't wait to see more pics from the vacation!

    1. Thank you! Yes he did so well we're planning a trip to Portland, Oregon at the end of the summer. Hopefully we're not trying our luck too much with him since that will be a longer flight! Traveling with a baby is definitely a totally different experience than before!