Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kellan's First Swim!

Mommy making fishy faces with Kellan in the pool
The beach house that we rented in Florida had a pool that we all enjoyed.  This was the first pool that Kellan had been in and I can't say that he loved it or hated it.  He was pretty indifferent and just leaned back and floated around.

Enjoying the pool with Owen the Fish and Mimi
Some one's gums were itching
I was trying to teach him how to see how excited he was

We took him out of the float for a little while to hold him and swim around and Michael even dunked him a few times.  Cousin Owen got really excited and sprayed him in the face with a water gun but he didn't cry.  At least he wasn't scared or mad so I guess it is safe to say he likes swimming in the pool.  I'm hoping he will get a little more excited about it as he gets older.  I guess we should enjoy it while we can because next summer I have a feeling we will have to beg him to get out of the pool!

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