Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tampa Rays vs. New York Yankees

After the Florida Aquarium we headed to Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg to watch the Tampa Rays play the New York Yankees!

You can't go to a baseball game and not eat a hot dog!

Have I mentioned that Kellan learned to clap while we were on vacation?  All you have to say is clap and he smacks those hands together like a maniac...of course, unless you're trying to get it on video.  Then he acts like he's never done it before...

I don't know if it was just us but it was HOT in the stadium...Kellan was tired and we were trying to get him to go to sleep in Daddy's lap with his blankie...look at those red cheeks!  He was not giving in so it led us to this...

Naked baby at a baseball game...with a lid...he eventually went through several of these as he dropped them one by one on the sticky floor...nothing else made him happier.

Owen explaining something to Papa...thankfully he convinced him to put his bat down which at one point he was waving around.  Those unassuming men in the row in front don't know what danger they narrowly escaped.

Cousin Owen, Uncle Shannon, Aunt Jessie, and Cousin Eden

The home team won which was a sad day for us since my dad is a Yankees fan.

Riding the escalator with Mimi and Papa.

It was a fun game even though the Yankees lost.  Kellan only got restless towards the end and we got to enjoy some ball park food.  Although Michael said we could have bought a gourmet meal for the amount of money we spent on a hot dog, a Cuban sandwich, fries, 2 monstrous sodas and a Ray's helmet full of chicken nachos! 

We had great seats on the 3rd baseline and wonderful lively company behind us and beside my sister.  There was a row of Hispanic men and women that apparently were made up of a lot of Yankee's fan and one Ray's fan.  They joked around with each other the whole game and for some reason one of the men wore a Chick-fil-A paper hat with an enormous cow on it for the entire game.  Eden and Kellan were infatuated with this man and every chance the got they were turned around staring.  We were convinced Eden was going to know how to speak Spanish by the time we left the ball park she was watching and listening so closely.  We should have been snapping pictures of all of that action but there was no way to be discreet. 

The couple that sat beside my sister was a wild woman and her husband that kept telling her to calm down as she repeatedly SCREAMED at the players.   At one point I was afraid she might leap over the seats and attack the row of people behind us.  She bickered with them the whole night, "jokingly", but secretly I would have been afraid of her if I was them.

The game wrapped up a fun day spent in Tampa and afterwards we drove back to Anna Maria Island where we spent the rest of our vacation until it was time to fly home.

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