Thursday, July 26, 2012

Levi Turns One!

Kellan was lucky enough to be invited to a Beach Party for our friends Andy and Lexi's little boy, Levi!  Levi turned one on July 23rd and he is just the sweetest and busiest little thing!  He is a fun loving little guy and he likes to get into everything!  Kellan and Levi are so close in age we just know they are going to be good friends growing up together.

Kellan went to the water table station took him a little while to warm up to what was going on
You can see our friends Kevin and Bracey's little girl MaKinley dipping her tootsie's in the water in the background
Next we tried out the pool with some of the "big kids."  Kellan wasn't too sure about this at probably didn't help that mommy had to hold him up in the corner.

We sat on the slide for a little while but don't worry...we didn't go down THIS time!

Hey maybe this isn't so bad!

Look at Levi the birthday boy!  He found his own mud puddle...I told you he is into everything!
Playing with the beach ball!
Kellan was not a fan of the sprinkler...and Levi turned it over...we just know he was trying to be a good friend and keep it from spraying Kellan :)

Look at this wild birthday boy!  Kellan was not convinced of the fun he was missing out on!
Hey buddy!  Try it like this!
No one could change his mind...

No?  Oh well...more fun for me! :)
Daddy rescued him and brought him up to dry land for a little while
Back to the water table for a little while...
Someone is learning to splash!
Watching the big kids go down the slide
Somebody missed their nap...
Levi with his beach ball birthday cake that his mom made!
He DEVOURED his slice of cake in just a few seconds!
Levi got lots of fun presents!

Kellan LOVED his beach bucket filled with a fun straw, bubbles, shovel, and yo-yo!  He has been chasing this bucket across the floor ever since he got it home!
Happy Birthday sweet Levi!  We are so glad we were able to share in the fun at your beach party!  We can't wait to watch the two of you grow up together and in just a few short months we will be celebrating Kellan's 1st birthday!

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