Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Wild Man!

Here are a couple of pictures and videos of some of Kellan's latest shenanigans!  He LOVES his exersaucer and sometimes gets a little crazy...

Every morning while I brush my teeth I put Kellan on the floor in his room (which is between our bedroom and bathroom, so he's maybe 4 feet away) and he usually sits on his giraffe mat and plays with a few toys that I keep in there.  Well lately he has become super mobile and has started to scoot laps around the nursery!  Here he has taken a package of cloths (some the hospital sent home with us that we never used) off of the bottom shelf of his changing table and has helped himself to one!

"I just really needed one mom"
Here he has over turned the trash can and has fished out a box lid!  Thank goodness he didn't find his dirty diapers appealing!  He was VERY mad at me for taking the box away.

Our baby the dumpster diver!
And finally here is a video of Kellan's latest babbling.  Sometimes he plays so quietly and other times he just has these babbling fits!

He grows and changes so much everyday.  Who knows what he will be into tomorrow!


  1. I love that your "chic" baby is wearing those blue jean diapers! Haha! We have come to appreciate the cute dots on the Target brand (and their price) over here! :-)

    1. We have been very lucky! Those diapers were a baby gift and I was trying to save them until vacation in a few weeks in Florida but they are size 3 so I'm afraid he might outgrow them by then!! I didn't want them to go to waste so that's why he has been wearing them now! haha...we haven't had to buy diapers yet! We have about 5 huge boxes left so when they run out I'll have to try Target brand! I'm glad you said you liked them we'll definitely try them out!

    2. Haha! That's awesome. By the way, they can usually wear size 3's a really long time. Brody still does, and he's a pretty big built boy. Evan could have probably stayed in size 2's until he was 2! Haha!