Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday Funday!

 We had a busy, busy Saturday full of all kinds of fun events (more posts about those coming soon!) but I had planned on Sunday being a pretty "empty" day.  Boy was I wrong!  Look at all the fun stuff Kellan got to do and fantastic people he was able to see!

First, we got up and got ready for church.  Well mommy had this little suit all laid out and ready for Kellan to wear.  When Daddy went to put it on him it was a little "snug."  We were running late (as usual) and we didn't have time to go through the process of picking out a whole new outfit.  Poor little buddy could care less that his tummy kept popping out because his shirt wouldn't stay tucked in.  The top button couldn't close so his little clip on tie was barely hanging on and his vest kept working itself up under his armpits but he still managed to look cute!  He had also outgrown the little black dress shoes that I had for him so he had to wear his little sneaker socks with his too little suit...oh well...we're all allowed days where our fashion just quite isn't up to par ;)

Daddy and Kellan after church
When we came out of church, one of our friends said that it looked like we had a group waiting to see us.  When we turned around Kellan had a little fan club waiting by our car to see him!  Michael's Grandma Rodgester, Aunt Kim, Cousin Dylan, and Aunt Karen were at the church next door and they walked over to see him.

After church we had our usual lunch at Cracker Barrel and Grandma Gigi came to meet us.  Kellan slept through most of it so afterwards Michael took Kellan over to Gigi's to visit while he put in her new microwave.  Gigi had gotten a new swing and Kellan tried it out!  Does this look like a happy boy or what?!  I told Michael we must get one of these for our house!

Look at that face!

Happy boy swinging away!
Next, Daddy took Kellan to visit Great Grandma and Papa Grizzard.  Papa can always get Kellan to sleep.  I heard that Papa's little dog Tilley was NOT one bit happy that Kellan had taken over her spot in Papa's lap...I think she was also a little tiffed that Kellan might have pulled her hair a little too hard!  I'm sure she was glad when his visit was over!

Sunday night we also had a visit from Kimberlee!!  She was in Washington, D.C. for the weekend and she stopped by on her way home to Raleigh.  She got here just in time to feed Kellan his butternut squash and play for a little while.

We changed Kellan into his pajamas and had a late night dinner at Pino's for stromboli, chicken parmigiana, and a Philly cheese steak!
Look at that look!  Does that look like a face that should be in bed?!
What an awesome day Sunday turned out to be!  So much better than we had planned!

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