Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Date Night: Hunger Games and Bonefish!

Michael and I had not been out, just the two of us, in all of the 6 months since Kellan has been born!  Now we have been to a couple of weddings, a birthday party, and a late night trip to the grocery store all leaving Kellan with Grandma Gigi (Michael's mom) and one time for lunch leaving him with Aunt Kim, Aunt Karen, Dylan, and Great-Grandma Rodgester (not that I've been keeping record of all 5 times or anything).  My mom even came to Raleigh with us to keep Kellan so that we could go to my friends Jenni and Clay's rehearsal dinner and wedding.  So don't feel sorry for us...we have PLENTY of babysitters when we need them, we just prefer to take Kellan with us when at all possible.

On Saturday night we decided to FINALLY go see the movie The Hunger Games.  I read the 3 book series in less than a week and had been anticipating the movie coming out for months.  I don't think the other people in the audience would have appreciated Kellan joining us as much as we would have so Grandma Gigi came over to stay with him.  I wanted to take a picture of Gigi and Kellan before we left but Kellan was asleep.  We gave him his bath early and I think we confused him because when I fed him he fell sound asleep...at 5:30!!  I was kind of worried about what kind of night/early morning I was going to be in for if he went to bed for the night at 5:30 when his normal bedtime is 8:30!...Luckily she called us later to say he had woken up.  Here we are headed out to the movie!

Step #1 for a great movie experience...POPCORN!  Can you really watch a movie in a theatre without it? 

Maybe I should say that we did SHARE this bucket of popcorn..we aren't THAT big of piggies!

Michael didn't really know anything about The Hunger Games and its such a complicated story line I tried to explain it but I don't think he really understood until he had seen the movie himself.  Actually when he was reading the description online his exact words were "Children fight to the death in a nationally televised event.  Reeeeeally?!...Haven't you read The Lucky One too?  Its playing and has more show time options, maybe we should go see that."  What husband suggests a romance (a Nicholas Sparks romance no less!) over fighting to the death?  Maybe it was the children part that got him.  Anyway halfway through the movie he looked at me and said "this movie makes me nervous"....it made me nervous and I knew how it ended!  Anyway, I thought it was really well done and I loved the casting choices!  Also loved how close it stuck to the book...I hate when a movie deviates unnecessarily from the events and characters in the book...it ruins the whole movie for me. 

After the movie we headed to a late dinner at Bonefish!
Yummy spinach salad...

Next came our entrees...I got salmon with red skinned mashed potatoes and zucchini with stewed tomatoes and Michael got monk fish with asparagus and zucchini with stewed tomatoes.  Both were delicious!

I couldn't eat another bite so Michael got his favorite...creme brulee!  Of course he'd already dug in before he took a picture.

It was a great night without having to worry about having a packed diaper bag, a bottle...wondering how long Kellan was going to make it before he got fussy.  It was a very strange feeling to leave the house with just a purse!  But like Ms. Ligon said "Loving couples make better parents."  Even though we love to take him with us everywhere we go, we still need to remember to make time for just the two of us too!  And even though the movie was great and dinner was delicious and relaxing...

The best part of the night was coming home and seeing this little fellow in his crib :)

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  1. I am so jealous. I haven't seen Hunger Games yet, but I am a big fan of the books...although the last one was my least favorite because of the ending. I am still Team Gale all the way! ;-) Ugh, life is crazy right now and there just hasn't been a free weekend with a sitter!