Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kellan LOVES Books!

Its no secret that I love to read!  There are few things in the world that I would rather do than read.  I love all kinds of books but I especially have a love for children's books.  I had fantastic elementary school teachers but my 4th grade reading teacher Sara Jackson stands out as one that particularly influenced me to have a wide range of reading interests.  We had a Battle of the Books team and yes this big nerd was definitely on it! 

Not only did I love to read as a child but my favorite part of the school day when I was the teacher was reading aloud to my class.  I would get just as excited as the kids when the Book Fair was at school or when our Scholastic book order came in the mail!  My favorite class in college was my Children's Literature course.  It was taught by Beth Weir and she was from New Zealand and has the MOST AMAZING accent.  Seriously she could have read anything and the entire class would hang on her every word.  She would pick fabulous children's books and read them to our college could have heard a pin drop we were so enraptured.  She taught us the importance of reading aloud to all ages of children (even us, the 18-21 age group).

Having said all of this I'm sure you're not surprised that I am obsessed with Kellan's book collection.  I have a running list of books that I'm collecting for him because there are just so many books that he HAS to have!  The best gift I could ever get are Barnes and Noble or Amazon gift cards because I always have a list of books that I'm waiting to buy for me or him.  I read to Kellan on the very first day he came home from the hospital and its something we have tried to do everyday since then. 
Sneaking over to the book basket in his room...he can't crawl but he sure gets to where he wants to go!
Book basket in the living room
More books in his room!  These have more words so they are for when he gets a little older.
Kellan is very lucky to have a daddy that loves to read to him!  Daddy has a special attachment to Goodnight Moon!
Is this not the CUTEST THING EVER?! He holds on to the side of the book while I'm reading...I have tried and tried to get a picture and I FINALLY got it!

This is what I caught him doing in his pack and play yesterday! I tried to sneak up on him and get a picture but the kid seriously has bat ears!!  He misses NOTHING!  OK so maybe the book is upside down but don't argue with me...he's brilliant!

 Hopefully this love of books and reading will continue as he gets older.  Its not something you can force once they are in school and decide they don't like to read so we're trying to start early!  As long as he enjoys it, its something we will do everyday!

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