Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Saturday Afternoon in Raleigh

Saturday was a busy day for us!  After JRA Day we headed to Raleigh to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (Clay-O) at Jenni and Clay's house.  Jenni gave Clay a surprise party (non-birthday!) for being such a great sweet!  Usually when I go to Raleigh either Michael or Connie stay home with Kellan.  This party started at 2:00 and was going on all afternoon and night so we thought it would be a good time to take Kellan with us to hang out with everybody.  He was such a good boy and provided a little extra entertainment!

Caralynn and Kellan...He was mad because he couldn't get her necklace in his mouth!
Megan and Kellan...He's such a little ham :)
Kellan with his new best friend Ja!  We're keeping Ja in mind for a possible babysitter!
All the ladies...
Kellan playing with the decorations.
 By this point in the night Kellan was starting to get fussy because he was sleepy so we loaded him up in his car seat to head to Whole Foods right down the road from Jenni and Clay's house.  We love Whole Foods so we try to go whenever we are in Raleigh or Richmond so we can stock up on organic vegetables, fruit, and meat for Kellan's baby food.
He was asleep before we even got out the door!

I love grocery shopping!
Whole Foods makes grocery shopping so much fun!  They have so many interesting foods and products and amazing seafood, meats, and produce.  They also have the best selection of organic fruits and vegetables that we have been able to find.  Michael and I both agreed that this one on Wade Avenue was our favorite store that we've visited.

Next we headed to Sushi Thai for dinner...that's on tomorrow's post!

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