Thursday, May 10, 2012

Former Favorite Restaurant: Sushi Thai!

When I lived in Raleigh and Michael and I were dating he drove down AT LEAST once a week.  We saw each other most weekends but he also would drive down during the week and get up the next morning at 5:30 a.m. and drive home to work.  We ate out a lot even back then and one restaurant that we went to frequently was Sushi Thai.  My friends and I (and everyone else in Raleigh) LOVED this place because of their $1 sushi rolls!  Their deep fried bagel roll was awesome and I have eaten more of them than one person probably should.  If I didn't eat in the restaurant then I could usually find a roommate or two to get take out with me at least once a week.  I never needed a menu, I knew my order by heart!

Right after I moved to Virginia, almost 3 years ago, I saw someone's post on Facebook that Sushi Thai had changed their menu!!  They no longer had $1 sushi rolls and they took several favorites completely off the menu!  Well this made me sad but I no longer lived in Raleigh so we weren't going there to eat so I kind of forgot about it.  Over the last 3 years we've definitely eaten out in Raleigh many times but never at Sushi Thai.  Every time we drive by that Lake Boone exit, Michael sighs and says "Oh its the Sushi Thai exit..."  Actually whenever we even mention driving through Raleigh for any reason he suggests that we stop and eat at Sushi Thai.  This was his ALL TIME favorite sushi place!  So finally Saturday was the night.  I promised him that before we came back home we could eat at Sushi Thai!

The restaurant itself hasn't changed at all but the menu was drastically different (I know, I know...we are 3 years behind).  One of my favorite tuna tataki rolls is now an appetizer but not like the roll it used to be at all.  The deep fried bagel roll is now $9.99 instead of $1 but instead of getting 4 pieces you get 8 (tastes just as fabulous).  They still had my gyoza (steamed pork dumplings) and they were just as delicious as before. Michael liked ordering the tempura vegetables by the its offered as one vegetable appetizer assortment.  Even though some of our usual favorites were different, it didn't stop us from ordering WAY too much food!  And even though they no longer offer $1 rolls they still had pretty good deals.  All appetizers are half off on Saturdays and Sundays and all sushi rolls were buy one get one free. 

Tuna Tataki was REALLY good!

Pork dumplings on the left, vegetable tempura on the right
Rainbow roll, California roll, tuna roll, deep friend bagel roll, and 2 pieces of octopus

We did pretty good damage on all of that food!
One other thing that's still the same was their aquarium full of fish!  Mommy and Kellan checked it out before we left to make the drive home.

All in all, it was a great dinner but I don't know if we would still call Sushi Thai one of our favorite restaurants.  They still have good deals and good food but its just not the same as it used to be!  There are too many good sushi restaurants to choose from to keep going back here....they shouldn't have messed up such a good thing!

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