Friday, June 1, 2012

Kellan and the Doggies

We went to visit Michael's dad, Papa Mike, this week to meet his new puppy Maryanna.  She's a black lab and she is so sweet and happy.  She was pouncing all over the vines, her stick, and a toy duck!   She thoroughly inspected Kellan, licking his hands, feet and even face.  Kellan was not sure what he thought about Maryanna quite yet.
Papa Mike's new puppy Maryanna

Maryanna REALLY liked Kellan!
Hanging out on Papa's front porch
What a porch view!
Watching Michael's cousin Chase fishing in the canoe
This past weekend we also kept Michael's dog  Maverick (who lives at his mom's house) at our house while Gigi went to the beach...Kellan kept smiling at him and loved to grab his ears and fur...luckily Maverick is a patient dog!

2 doggies in one week!  One day soon Kellan is going to be running around chasing after them!  Let's hope so anyway...hopefully he's not like his mommy who was deathly afraid of dogs her whole childhood!!

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