Monday, June 4, 2012

Great Aunt Mary's 88th Birthday Party

Sunday afternoon we met Michael's mom's side of the family at Cracker Barrel to celebrate his Great Aunt Mary's 88th birthday!  She is absolutely THE CUTEST little lady!  I totally enjoyed just sitting at the table watching her talk and laugh with her sisters, one of whom is Michael's grandma, and other family members.  She was OVERJOYED and giggling in her excitement when she opened a new pair of bedroom slippers!  We were also able to visit with extended family that lives out of town and we do not get to see very often.  Kellan also did his share of entertaining and was passed around the table by his many admirers.  He is at the stage where he has to touch and grab everything within his reach.  He kept everyone busy moving silverware, food, napkins and drinks.  It was a fun afternoon and we had a great time celebrating a sweet lady!  Aunt Mary's daughter said not only was she proud of her mother for making it to 88, but to be 88 and still live at home, take care of herself, and prides herself on being independent and does not like to ask for help.  Happy Birthday Aunt Mary!  We are so glad we were able to celebrate with you!

Michael's Grandma Rodgester and Aunt Mary
Aunt Kim and Kellan
Michael and I had a big lunch and the party was at 4 so I wasn't hungry for a meal yet...this is what I ordered :) And I might have had a biscuit...I can never turn down a biscuit

Grandma Gigi and Kellan

Sisters!  Aunt Emma, Grandma, and Aunt Mary
Mommy and Kellan...a man at a nearby table said it was unbelievable that I was Michael's wife and thought I was 17!  Considering I'm turning 31 next month and a mom to this 7 month old, I'll take it as a compliment!
Daddy taking his turn entertaining and keeping little hands busy!

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