Tuesday, June 5, 2012


OK so once again this is going to look like a food blog post but its really supposed to be documenting our awesome Thursday night in Carytown...we just happened to eat while we were there!  The real reason for being in Richmond at all was to shop at Whole Foods.  Kellan is quickly approaching 8 months and this will bring on a whole new menu of foods for him to try so I wanted to go ahead and stock up so I can start preparing and freezing. 

Back in January I bought a Living Social deal to Carytown Cupcakes for a half dozen.  It expires in June and when I bought it June seemed so far away!  Well here it is June and I had still been riding around with my coupon in the car!  We decided to cash it in while we were passing through on our way to Short Pump.

The two strawberry kiwi cupcakes on the left were one of the best cupcakes I have ever eaten.  It had strawberry and kiwi in the middle of the cake!!  The lemon blackberry at the top right was amazing too!  Michael of course loved his carrot cake and red velvet cake.  The bottom right was another of my choices, The Hummingbird, it had a pineapple cake with cream cheese icing.
Next on the agenda, we were looking for somewhere to eat dinner.  You're shocked I know!  Us, eat?!  We have a problem in our relationship because all Michael ever wants to eat is sushi or a Japanese Steakhouse.  I like both but don't want them nearly as often as him.  We walked up and down Cary Street looking at restaurant menus to find one that looked good.  There are tons of choices just in this one area so making a decision was difficult.  We had eaten at the Water Grill once before and it was delicious but I wanted to try something new.  We settled on Moshi Moshi, an Asian fusion restaurant, that had sushi but also had lots of other options.  I didn't mention that the weather was absolutely beautiful that night so on top of having a great menu, this restaurant also had outdoor seating.  I LOVE to sit outside when the weather is nice, plus it made it very easy for us with Kellan in his stroller.  We just pulled him right up to the table.

Eating some butternut squash :)

Shrimp and vegetable pot stickers and Miso soup

My teriyaki grilled shrimp and scallops and Michael's filet, asparagus and of course Rainbow roll (I did eat some of it)
This picture looks like Daddy and Kellan were sitting in a back alley :)
The food was great and I would definitely recommend the restaurant.  If nothing else we enjoyed just strolling along with Kellan checking out all of the specialty shops along the way and people watching.  I also found this store that I am super excited about when the time comes!

No I'm not pregnant but when we do decide to welcome Baby #2 I will have to visit this place!  Cute maternity clothes are extremely hard to come by! 

Next we headed to Whole Foods for a shopping extravaganza but unfortuantely I didn't take any pictures of Michael digging in the sugar scrubs.  I tried to make him recreate the moment of him scooping out the scrub he just couldn't leave the store without but he said "No, you're going to put it on that blog!"  There will be more posts in the future about Kellan's new foods and how he liked them!

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