Friday, June 22, 2012

Kellan's Traveling Clothes

Kellan has acquired quite the wardrobe just from family bringing him back shirts and clothes from places they have been.  Here he is modeling his clothes from everyone's travels!

My outfit from the North Carolina Aquarium from Michael's cousin Chase :)
This picture was taken several months ago with his friend Austyn.  He wore his JMU shirt from Michael's cousin Stephanie to his playdate with Levi, Mason, Wyatt, and Austyn.  Just look at how much he's changed since then!

Onsie from Papa Mike's Canada trip right before Kellan was born...he can finally wear it!

Grocery shopping in his Biltmore Estate t-shirt from Mimi

This is an extra special shirt because Michael and I bought it on our honeymoon in Tahiti  We bought it for our nephew Owen (who is almost 3 now!) and it was in a bag of hand-me-downs that my sister gave us!  So Kellan can wear a shirt that mommy and daddy bought before he was even thought of!  He had just finished eating avocado so the shirt is a little dirty...

This one we are still waiting to grow into, its just a little bit too big.  Its from Papa Mike's trip to the Bahamas.  When he left on the trip Kellan wasn't eating solids yet because I was really trying to hold out until he was 6 months old.  This is what Papa Mike thought of that...

This picture was taken right before bed...look at those sleepy eyes.  I can't wait to take Kellan on his first big vacation to Anna Maria Island in Florida in one week!  We will have to get him an outfit while we're there!

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