Friday, June 8, 2012

The Big Tub!

We have a regular bath routine that takes Michael and me to get it done. Michael gets the water ready and I take Kellan's clothes and diaper off and put him in the tub. Michael bathes him and I bring the towel and take over once he gets out. When Michael is at the fire department's business meetings that throws our whole routine off. I have given Kellan baths by myself but it is not pretty and it ends up with me and the floor being soaked!  I am in awe of single mothers and moms that handle bath time by themselves....I guess I would get used to it if I had to but an extra pair of hands is nice! 

Most of this is due to the fact that we are still giving him a bath in his little whale tub on the bathroom counter. Kellan is starting to get HEAVY and when you top that with being soapy and wet, he is a slippery little fella. So last night when bath time came and went and daddy wasn't home yet I decided we were going to try the big tub since he can sit up by himself now. I tossed in several bath toys that he has not used yet and got his bubble bath ready. He was so curious about everything that he didn't even do much other than look around the tub and pat the water and bubbles over and over. We also need to get some kind of non-slip pad to go in the bottom of the tub because his little behind was sliding from one end to the other! We have a fire duck faucet cover from our friends Bracey and Kevin that I forgot to put on with all of the running around I was doing to get him in the tub! I will have to say bathtime in the big tub was much easier when you are by youself! I'm sure once Kellan gets used to it he's going to have so much fun playing with all of his toys!


  1. Hey Kristen. We have a small blow up pool that we found about this time last year at Walmart, that fits in our big tub. It kept Baker from sliding all over the place and used way less water.

    1. I'll have to look for one! He kept sliding from one end of the tub to the other and kept working his way toward the faucet!