Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

We were able to spend Friday night with Michael's family for an early Father's Day cookout at his grandparent's cabin at Harrell's Mill Pond.  Here are some pictures from the evening...

Kellan with Michael's cousin Stephanie

Uncle Pete, Kellan, and Stephanie

Michael's Grandma Grizzard and Aunt Pam grilling steaks and pineapple...and a zoned out me :)

View from the dock

Papa was headed to a Country/Western themed party at the Country Club...this is not his regular attire :)  Kellan is trying to figure out how he can get that hat...

Walking to Great Papa

4 Generations of Grizzard men

Always the center of attention

Daddy and Kellan on the dock

Mommy and Kellan

Kellan with Great Grandma (does she look like a Great Grandma?!)

Aunt Pam feeding Kellan a banana...he didn't want the little pieces he kept picking up the big one

Testing out Papa's new Tervis Tumbler Father's Day gift...

Then he needed to check out Papa's new work gloves after Aunt Tina took off the tags
We had a great night with too much good food!  Kellan entertained everybody and showed them his new scooting skills.  We were so glad to see Aunt Pam and Uncle Pete and love it when they come down from Richmond to visit.  Happy Father's Day to 3 generations of Grizzard daddy's!

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