Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekend Review in Pictures

We had another busy weekend starting out with a visit from Kimberlee Friday night!  Kimberlee's boyfriend is living in Washington, D.C. this summer so she was meeting him in Richmond on Saturday morning.  She drove up on Friday night and stayed with us!. There was lots of playing going on, along with time in the walker and feeding him dinner.  I can not believe I did not get a picture!!  We're hoping to have lots of visits with Kimberlee this summer!  We grilled steak and chicken and had baked sweet potatoes and salad.  I should have taken a picture to prove that we do cook at home!
Kimberlee playing with Kellan and his caterpillar :)
Kellan headed to bath time!

Bath time just wears daddy out!
Kellan and Kimberlee right before she headed out to Kings Dominion!

 Just a couple of months ago Michael finished building a house for us to rent out.  A couple moved in and are planning on buying it in the next few months.  They had a house warming party on Saturday afternoon so we stopped by to sample some ribs and chocolate cupcakes...and I snuck a white chocolate macadamia cookie was all delicious!
Daddy and Kellan at Tyler and Erica's Housewarming Party
 Michael and I have been "church hopping" lately.  We are visiting several of the local churches and trying to settle on one to consider joining.  Michael says we need to get permanent visitor tags made and we'll just rotate through all of them!  Here is little doodle all dressed and ready for church in his new Osh Kosh overalls.

All dressed and ready for church!

I posted about going to Aunt Mary's birthday party on Sunday afternoon but here is what we did after the party.  A couple of weeks ago our computer went on the blink so we dropped it off at Best Buy to be fixed.  They called to say it was ready so we hurried to Colonial Heights to pick it up before they closed.  We made it with 5 minutes to spare!  We had been using Michael's old laptop that had a huge black line down the center and a keyboard with a few missing keys.  Boy are we glad to have our new laptop back!!  It was kind of hard to blog with a thick black line going through the center of the screen.  We also made a quick stop at Target.
I don't know if I've mentioned how much Kellan loves a TV.  He was in awe of the TV aisle at Target.
 After Target, Michael suggested we have Mexican food since he wasn't that hungry.  Haha.  I LOVE Mexican and could eat it all the time but Michael does not really care for it.  We hardly ever go to Mexican restaurants because its not enjoyable for me to eat somewhere with someone that doesn't really like what they are eating!  When I lived in Raleigh I probably ate Mexican at least once a week and I miss El Senor and El Rodeo there so much!  No where that I have eaten up here even comes close to being as good!  I really do not care for the restaurant in town and rarely eat there unless I'm meeting a group.  I can eat there and its ok but its not my first choice.  El Caporal is in Colonial Heights and its pretty good.

My favorite Mexican meal!  Chicken enchilada and chicken quesadilla with rice and beans!  And Michael's chicken and vegetables with rice and beans.
This was a great finish to another full weekend.  Now we have a pretty slow week coming up with a visit to Rockingham this weekend!  I can't wait to see my little nephew Owen and niece Eden and my cousin Dana's baby girl, Brooklyn!  And I guess it will be nice to see my sister Jessica and her husband Shannon, mom and dad, and other family too ;)  Its true what they say, once you have kids, no one gets excited about seeing the adults anymore!

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  1. I loved coming to visit you all and I hope to visit again soon!! I love the pictures of Kellan and I. I will definitely need a copy for my house :) I can't wait to see you all soon!! Sending my love to you all and especially Kellan!