Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weekend at Mimi and Papa's House

On our way to Mimi and Papa's house Michael had the brilliant idea of stopping at The Cupcake Shoppe in Raleigh for a dozen cupcakes to take with us!

Our little cupcake appropriately showing his double chin in front of the cupcake counter.

Red velvet, chocolate with vanilla frosting, chocolate peanut butter, carrot, strawberry, lemon, and rocky road

When we arrived on Friday afternoon there was lots of snuggling and cousin time before Papa got home from work.  You can see more cousin time pictures here.  After Papa got home we got ready to go out to eat at Fatz in Rockingham.
Eden snuggling with Mimi

Owen and Kellan playing with Papa
Michael and I waiting on our table at Fatz

Mimi entertaining Owen and Kellan

Kellan and Mimi...he's looking for what he can grab next
Mimi's family was coming over for a cookout on Saturday night so we all went grocery shopping after dinner to pick up what we would need. 
Michael weighing Kellan on the produce scale...he said he was 21 pounds but he tends to exaggerate...he for some reason takes pride in having an enormous child

Saturday morning Kellan had his first tractor ride (you can read about that here) and later that day Mommy and Daddy bought a new camera!  Some of these pictures are taken with our old camera, some with the new, and some are Aunt Jessie's pictures.  While Michael and I went to Southern Pines to buy our new camera, Mama, Daddy, and Jessie got everything ready for the cookout.
Kellan's favorite toy this weekend...
Here's Papa cooking the steaks, chicken, and zucchini and yellow squash vegetable packets!

Aunt Tammy, Aunt Tracie, Colby, and Grandma Hazel

Tara, Aunt Trudy, Chad, and Uncle Mike...and Mimi scurrying around in the background

Michael, Kellan, and I

Look at that would have thought we had given him some steak!

Dana, Baby Brooklyn, and Aunt Tracie

Grandma, Colby, and Dana

Hanging out outside after dinner

I finally got my picture taken with Brooklyn!

Kellan in his pj's after his bath being entertained by Aunt Trudy
 We didn't brave church on Sunday morning but we did get story time in while Mimi was making lunch.
Owen LOVES to be read to (Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed was read SEVERAL times)...Kellan was more interested in his feet
 We had a lazy afternoon and eventually had to pack up and head back to Virginia.  We shopped at Whole Foods and then had a quick dinner at The Big Easy, a Cajun restaurant, in downtown Raleigh.  We were surprised to learn that we had come on the last day of Restaurant Week so we each picked an appetizer and an entree and Michael tried out our new camera while I fed Kellan.
Look at that face!  He enjoyed his dinner!

Louisiana Pretzel and Alligator Bites...Kellan made himself at home...look at those feet propped up on the table

Shrimp Creole and Pork Medallions

One last picture before heading home from a fun weekend!  Look at Kellan smiling... Apparently he loved the Big Easy :)

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