Friday, June 15, 2012

Kellan's 1st Finger Food!

Kellan is quickly approaching 8 months and in one of the books that I am using as a guide (Super Nutrition for Babies) one of the recipes for 8-10 month old babies is for Fruit Gelatin Jigglers.  Kellan loves pears so I decided to make the recipe using pureed pears.  I wanted to see how he would do with finger food and picking up small objects. 

He is really good at picking up his toys and anything else within his reach.  He examines every tiny speck of dirt, lint, and string that he finds on the floor but we quickly take those away when he picks them up.  Because they immediately go to his mouth, he hasn't had any opportunities to pick up small objects to strengthen his pincher reflex. 

He did really well for his first time with food that he can pick up and eat.  His first instinct is to pick the food up with his whole hand and squish it in his fist!  After a few tries with his left hand he eventually tried several times with his right hand too.  I think he actually got 2 in his mouth by himself and I fed him the rest.  This was just the first day and we will continue to practice everyday!  I know pretty soon he will be gobbling up everything we put in front of him!
What do you want me to do with these?

Homemade Pear Gelatin Jigglers

I'm not sure about this mom.
Picking these up is hard!

I just can't do it :(
Once you get them in your fist its hard to let them go!

There was a lot of squishing going on!
Lots ended up in his lap...
And lots ended up on the floor...

When he finally got one in his mouth...

we did a dance and cheered!

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