Thursday, February 21, 2013


I still love to tip-toe into Kellan's room at night and watch him sleep. If he happens to look particularly cute (which is every time) I run out to grab my phone to come back and take a picture.  Here are a few of my favorites over the last few weeks...

He likes to sleep curled up in a ball lately with his arms tucked under him.

He put his hands over his face when my flash came on...lucky for me he didn't wake up :)

Every now and then Kellan will cry and put up a huge fight when we put him in his crib...its not often but it does happen.  Instead of fighting with him, Michael will put him in the bed with him until I come to bed...then mommy has to be the bad guy and move him back to his crib.  He never wakes up so its really not that big of a deal but its so hard to pick him up when he's sleeping so good.  Some nights I am tempted to just leave him with us but this is how he sleeps...sideways.  It is the most uncomfortable night's sleep because he kicks and takes up the majority of our king size bed.  Its just easier to go ahead and move him instead of waking up in the middle of the night with feet in your face and having no where to go because you're already hanging on to the side.

Sweet little boy...always snuggled with a blankie.  He is not difficult to please.  He has always loved the plain old thin receiving blankets as long as they have a long tag.  He won't stay covered up and if you try he will immediately kick it off even if he is sound asleep.

Another favorite pose is completely stretched out with arms up.

Oh how I love those fat little feet and toes :)
Here are some flashback pictures to when Kellan was between 6 and 7 months old and a link to that blog post:


  1. I love sleeping baby pictures! I have to resist picking them up and cuddling them. I totally understand about the getting kicked and the uncomfortable positions that can arise when babies sleep with you. On the few occasions when Eddie has been away for a night, I like to keep the boys in the room with me for security. I am just afraid I will not hear them if they wake up or that something else might happen while I am alone with them so I prefer to keep them close. Unfortunately, this usually means I will not get a good night's sleep. Ha! Love those boys who love their blankies too. Brody isn't too picky on a particular blankie, but it does have to have some piece of silkiness to it (a tag will do the job, but he prefers to have a little more silky to hold onto).

  2. The only way we kept Avery covered while sleeping was using a sleep sack. She even manages to get out from all her big girl bed covers now. Sam loves the tag on his loveys. They have no writing on them anymore.