Sunday, February 10, 2013

Scrub A Dub-Dub!

One of Kellan's newest words is "bath."  It actually sounds more like "bat" but he totally knows what it means.  When it is bath time and he notices daddy walking towards his bathroom he runs behind and yells "BAT! BAT!"  Sometimes he will even start trying to take his own clothes off.  The majority of the time Michael handles bath time and Kellan loves it :)

Happy boy in his bubbles.  One of his favorite bath toys is this basketball goal with 3 little fish balls.  My friend Megan gave it to me for a baby shower gift before Kellan was even born.  He has played with it every bath night since he has been big enough and he is still not tired of it.  Sometimes during the day he will sneak back to his bath toy basket and get these balls.  I find them all around the house on a regular basis.  I need to take some more pictures because he got a new singing penguin toy and light up bath stars for Christmas that he loves too.  We just recently added those to the tub.

Mommy.  Daddy. I am NOT amused.

Oh the things we do to our children for our own entertainment.

The only part Kellan does not like about bath time is having water poured over his head.  He immediately flounders around, tries to get up and pull himself out of the tub.  We have to save hair washing til the very end.

I am in love with hooded bath towels.  You know you have reached full blown "mommy" status when you leave Target with a new one of these instead of something for yourself.  If I'm honest I usually leave Target with plenty for myself AND Kellan :)

My little terry cloth fish :)

After bath time we are working on brushing his teeth.  He loves to watch himself brush in the mirror.

Most of the time he gets side tracked...

Pretty much every night he gets a little silly and just wants to chew on his toothbrush.  He has several and I find them all around the house too where he has carried them off somewhere and dropped them.  I hope he keeps his attitude about baths for a long time and the tooth brushing is a work in progress!  For now, we let him practice and then mommy and daddy take over to finish the job.  It should be a simple task but it is pretty difficult when he clamps those teeth down on the toothbrush and turns his head.
Just for fun, here is a little timeline photo comparison:

One month :)
6 months :)  You can see more 6 months bath pictures here.
7 1/2 months and first time in the big tub :)  You can see my whole post about his first bath in the big boy tub here.
And now!  (Well its actually from December but its the most current bath tub picture that I have and he was 13 1/2 months).  Our little baby is growing up!

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  1. I love bath time pics. I have actually never known a baby who loved having water poured on their head until Brody though. He'll pour water on his own head or just stick his head under the faucet. Makes me nervous at the swimming pool since he is so fearless around water though. Love the funny bath hair, Kellan! :-)