Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Michael's 34th Birthday!

Michael turned 34 on January 10 but don't get too excited because I did a really SAD job of capturing it in photos!  First, Kellan and I decorated around the house with Happy Birthday banners and shiny hanging spirals in different colors.  I can't believe that I didn't take any pictures!

Michael was at work but we sent him a "Happy Birthday, Daddy!" message and this picture...Kellan wouldn't be still long enough for me to capture a fuzz free photo.  At least he gave me a big smile :)

Maybe I forgot to take pictures because I was working on this Toasted Butter Pecan Cake with homemade Cream Cheese icing.  I found the recipe on Pinterest awhile ago and decided to give it a try for Michael's birthday cake.  It was delicious and really not all that difficult.

Here is the link to the recipe for anyone that might be interested.  I only made 2 layers because I only had 2 round cake pans but I'm sure 3 layers would be even better because that homemade cream cheese icing was amazing!!

Like I said before, it was a weekday so Michael was at work for most of the day.  I had planned for us to go to Midlothian to have dinner at Wild Ginger, an Asian/Sushi restaurant that we have on our "must try" list.  I had thought about cooking his birthday dinner at home but Michael actually loves to eat out, try new restaurants, and nothing gets him more excited than sushi! 

It was a good plan but it didn't work out very well.  Kellan was getting fussy in the back seat because he was already hungry when we left home.  It wouldn't have been that big of a deal except for the restaurant is about an hour drive away.  About halfway there, Michael decided that he would be just as happy to eat at the Japanese Steakhouse that is about 30 minutes away from us, and it just so happened that it was the next exit coming up.  We made the quick decision to just eat there for the night and we would be sure to try Wild Ginger at another time when we were already in Midlothian/Richmond.

Normally I would feel sad that Michael had to give up trying a new restaurant on his birthday but this man seriously loves a Japanese Steakhouse.  I'm not exaggerating, I do believe he could eat there several times a week and not get tired of it.  

Once again I failed at picture taking.  I got this little guy, but no daddy :(  Someone got confused and thought it was THEIR birthday.  This little piggy had pieces of daddy's filet and vegetables, and mommy's shrimp and scallops. He was one happy baby.

When we got home we had a piece of birthday cake and we even shared with Kellan.  The cake really was good and Kellan kept coming back for bites.  I did have to cut off hunks to give to Michael's grandparents and his mom.  The cake was wonderful but way too much for 2 people to try to finish by themselves...although we did pretty good damage to it.  We both had one piece of cake (at least) everyday for a week.
The 3 of us had a great night celebrating a wonderful husband and daddy.  One thing is for sure, he is one loved man :)

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  1. So sweet! Daddy's are not always cooperative for picture taking. That cake sounds yummy...we love cream cheese icing! I know Michael felt very loved. :-)