Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'll Get By With a Little Help From My Friends...

Happy Valentine's Day to every one!  I am going to do a post about our day but since its not over yet, it will have to come a little later!  Until then, here are a few pictures from over the last few days.  Kellan has had lots of opportunities to spend time with several of his friends.  He is a lucky boy to have so many kids that are close to his age :)

Giving Briggs a hug while mommy makes sure that he doesn't knock her down in the process...

If there is not room he will just squeeze himself in there anyway.

Having a grand 'ole time digging in the bath toy basket.  

Who says they are just for bath time?
Kellan is going through a phase where he wants to sit on everything...including poor Briggs.  As soon as she would sit down, he would back up to sit in her lap.  Don't worry I rescued her after I took the picture :)

One day Briggs was really missing her mommy and she kept looking out the window for her.  Here is Kellan helping to keep a look out :)

We had dinner at our friends' Andy and Lexi's house one night last week.  They have two little boys Mason, aged 3 and Levi, 18 months.  Kellan had so much fun playing with the big boys.  I don't know what they are all digging for but it must be good!
Kellan and Levi playing the guitar.
Mason came over to play one day this week and when he saw me making myself toast for breakfast he was immediately hungry and needed toast :)  He was very specific that he needed jelly on it!  He wasn't kidding either...he ate 3 pieces :)  Here he is enjoying his toast on Kellan's 4 wheeler, and just in case you were wondering, he didn't get jelly on anything other than his face :)

Kellan and Mason singing and playing the keyboard.

 Here is little brother Levi coming with his mommy to pick Mason up.  When he got here we saw that he and Kellan were dressed alike! Kellan is saying "Mom, you are totally interrupting our drum playing."

Kellan went to his friend Wyatt's 3rd birthday party on Saturday afternoon.  Here are Makinley and Kellan taking turns playing with this airplane car.  She doesn't let a boy tell her what to do..."Get outta my way, I'm coming through!"
"Hey its got wheels mom, I don't care if its pink!"
Precious girl!  Makinley turns one tomorrow!  These babies grow TOO fast!
Wyatt opening his presents...organized can it be any other way?!
My little pirate at the Pirate Party :)  You have no idea how many "sneak attacks" it took to get this hat on his head and a picture taken.

Walking the plank with a little assistance from daddy...

Wyatt's little sister, Austyn, was giving out kisses and of course mommy decides to take a picture in the middle of the third kiss. It was Kellan's nap time and his patience with mommy's picture taking had worn out so this was the best I could get.

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