Monday, December 10, 2012

Kellan's First Haircut

Kellan had his first haircut on Saturday, November 9th.  Although you can't really tell in these "before" pictures, it had actually gotten pretty long.  He has little curls in the back and it is straight as a stick in the front.  His little curls are so precious and I was having a really hard time even thinking about getting them cut off.  However, after the millionth person told me what a cute little girl I had (even while he was wearing obvious boy clothes)...I decided it was definitely time to get his first hair cut.
Here is the front "before"

And the back "before"

We took him to Mary, who has cut Michael's hair since he was a little boy.  Michael had been working that morning and wearing a hat...just in case you were wondering what was wrong with his hair :/

Kellan didn't love what was happening but he didn't cry or get upset.  He sat still and quiet.

Daddy was trying to keep him entertained...

I LOVE his face in this picture...he is not amused...

Daddy showing him videos on his phone.

And here he is "after"...much better :)  Mary said not to worry that his curls will pop back...and they did :)

My big boy ready to go and trying to open the door by himself!  His first hair cut went as well as can be and he wasn't fussy in the won't be long before he will need another trim!


  1. Awww, that first haircut is so hard for us mommies! They truly go from looking like our babies to big boys with just a little snip. Kellan's hair reminded me of what Brody's was looking like too. I called Brody my shaggy dog (he thinks he's one anyway...haha). Kellan's serious face was so cute. Oh and yes, cutting the hair seems to make it grow back even faster. We just did a little trim for Brody's first, and he needed another cut in less than a month. He got more cut off the second time which looked a lot more grown up. I like that you could take Kellan to the same place his daddy goes. We took Evan down to his Great-Aunt's shop in Hamlet for his first cut which is where his daddy always went. That just makes it more special! :-)

  2. For a while there I was fighting to take him to my hair stylist in downtown Raleigh, who I've been going to for 10+ years, for his first hair cut. But then I decided for a trim and for sentimental reasons (and out of convenience) he can go to Mary until he gets a little older and needs a fun "style" :) Not that Mary can't do a fun style but I'd like to take him to see my Jill too!

  3. So cute! And he did not look like a girl. I really don't understand people sometimes.