Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Yes, I'm back tracking AGAIN.  I realized that I never blogged about Kellan's 2nd Halloween and his first costume.  Last year he was only 11 days old and it was a chilly, and I want to think kind of rainy day, so we decided to put him in his Halloween footie pajamas and stay at home.

Taking a nap in mommy and daddy's bed on Halloween 2011...something he still likes to do!
Kellan and Mimi a couple of days before Halloween 2011
Grandma's Creepy Crawler
Last year was pretty uneventful so on to Halloween this year!  Kellan still wasn't walking and he can't eat candy (or his mom and dad weren't going to let him eat candy) so we decided against Trick or Treating for this year but we did want to dress him up.  Michael's aunt and uncle live in a neighborhood where they get lots of trick or treaters so they like to stay at home to pass out candy and see all of the kids' costumes.  Michael's aunt Karen puts out finger foods and invites the rest of the family to come over and hang out.  Typically Michael and I are passing out candy at our house but this year we wanted to take Kellan to their house so that everyone could see his costume.

Our little puppy, dressed up and ready to go!
Kellan loves dogs so we thought this was the perfect costume for him...
I said I didn't want an indoor dog but I think I'll make an exception for this one...he's pretty cute...I think we'll keep him :)
Each week Kellan gets more and more fun so I can only imagine how much he will enjoy Halloween next year!

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