Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coming June 2013!

So this is the reason I have been almost 2 months behind with my blogging!  Baby #2 is due June 2 but will actually be a scheduled c-section sometime at the end of May.  We are so, so, so excited and find out January 3 whether its a boy or girl!  This pregnancy seems to be flying by but I felt a lot more sick in the beginning than I ever did with Kellan.  Luckily all of that has passed and I feel much more like myself lately.

In the first few months I had a constant nauseous feeling and although I would feel hungry, nothing sounded appealing to eat.  I was also really, really tired.  I still feel tired now but I can deal with that as long as the nausea stays away!  That is the absolute worst feeling...especially for someone that loves to eat as much as I do!  If the next few months are anything like when I was pregnant with Kellan my energy will be back soon and multiplied by a million.  During my second and third trimesters with him I had more energy than I ever had and drove Michael crazy with my "home projects" and wanting to work on them at all hours of the night.  He came home one day from work and I had moved several pieces of furniture all the way to the other side of the house. I put the edges under beach towels and pushed them across the hardwood floor.  I know better than to lift heavy things and I wouldn't have done anything to strain but I almost gave Michael a nervous breakdown.  I'm just barely into my second trimester and he already has a hard time with me carrying the groceries into the house.

I know its called "nesting" but it really is just the craziest feeling.  I would get something in my head that absolutely HAD to be done and it would drive me up the wall until it was finished.  I spent hours and hours arranging and rearranging Kellan's nursery until I had it just the way I wanted it.  It is definitely a very productive time...I'm waiting on it to kick in again :)

Kellan is too little to tell us what he thinks about having a sibling but I know he's going to love having a companion so close to his age.  When Michael asked him this week whether he wanted to have a little brother or a little sister, he said a "nana" (banana).  What can I say, the kid loves to eat! 

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