Monday, December 24, 2012

Kellan and Briggs

Kellan and Briggs have so much fun together when she comes over to play.  Especially now that they are a few months older, they are actually starting to play together instead of just sitting near each other and playing with separate toys.  Now they follow each other around, pass toys back and forth (or take them from each other), and they are great partners in crime, helping each other get into EVERYTHING.
I wish I had a video of this because Kellan was just babbling away, pointing to his book, and turning the pages.  I guess he was "reading" but Briggs just stood right there taking every "word" in.  It must have been a very entertaining story.

Their new favorite place to sit.  I'm not sure who decided to use this as a seat first but the other one was not far behind.  Now they sit there several times a day, always together.  They will only sit for a few seconds, then pick up and move on to the next adventure.

Kellan begging for usual.  The only difference is that now Briggs will throw pieces down to him!  She must feel sorry for my little piggy :)

This picture was from a few months ago but it still cracks me up.  She went back in Kellan's room, took one wipe, came back in the living room and started wiping this chair down.  I have no idea what prompted her to do this but it was so funny.  She scrubbed it for a while.

Typical man already!  Briggs is working her fingers to the house.  What is Kellan doing?  Stretched out on his sofa watching TV.

They still LOVE to sit on this sofa together.  They don't always scoot over to make room for the other one and sometimes somebody ends up tumbling out onto the floor, but they never get upset and always manage to both squeeze on there (even if somebody is perched on the arm).
I wish I had more pictures and videos of these two (I will have to make an attempt to capture their fun times more often) because they are so entertaining to watch.  Even more so now because Kellan can actually walk!  Before, Briggs would walk and Kellan would crawl behind her.  She would turn around, point to him, and sometimes she would call him "baby" and sometimes he was "doggy."  :)  Like I said before, they are both into everything and it makes it difficult to take pictures when I am constantly pulling them out of kitchen and bathroom drawers and cabinets, keeping them away from toilet paper rolls and toilets, and trying to return Kellan's changing table items back to where they have pulled them from!  They are a mess but they seem to really enjoy playing together and get along well.  I am so thankful for Kellan's friend and the time that they have together every week :)

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