Sunday, December 23, 2012

Eden's 1st Birthday Party!

My niece Eden's first birthday was on December 5th but we celebrated with a party on December 1st.  My sister made Eden her own cupcake to dig into, but at first she wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

Buuuut she figured it out quickly.

And she was one happy girl :)

Big brother Owen didn't get a nap during the day so he crashed right before the party.

My cousin Dana's daughter Brooklyn drinking her bottle and wishing that she could have some cake :)

Future "Big Brother" watching Eden dig into her cake.

After seeing how much Kellan enjoyed the cupcake at his own birthday party, we figured he would just love to help Eden eat hers.  We were wrong because he started to cry for some reason but he was more than happy to help me eat red velvet cake and ice cream.

Mimi and Papa gave Eden a princess couch and she sat on it to open her gifts.  Kellan must have learned a lot at his birthday party because he was much more interested in opening Eden's presents than he was his own.

Eden loving on her zebra pillow pet from Great-Grandma Hazel.

Baby Brooklyn watching Eden open her presents.

Owen woke up just in time to see little sister open her presents.  Afterwards they all attacked the Christmas tree.

The next morning at Mimi and Papa's house, Kellan made himself at home on Eden's sofa :)

Happy Birthday sweet girl!  We sure do love you :)  Thank goodness for little cousins all close in age.  They have so much fun together and I'm sure much more fun is in our future!

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