Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 9 Portland: Lunch River Cruise & More Exploring

Thursday we walked down to the river front to board a boat for a lunch cruise down the Willamette River. 

Kellan napped for almost the entire boat ride to Oregon City and the Willamette Falls.

We passed a lone seal taking a nap in the sun :)

Our final destination was Oregon City and the Willamette Falls.  Right before the falls is the Willamette Falls Locks.  It was not in operation at the time but we could see them really well from our boat.

Willamette Falls and the point that we turned around to head back to Portland.
He loves to drink from a straw...so much so that we saved his cup from Olive Garden to reuse.
House boats along the river
Portland from down river.
Portland "City of Roses"
Fountain down by the river front
Voo Doo Doughnuts :)
Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Oreo and a Lemon Filled Tie Dyed were my choices.  Michael chose a glazed blueberry and a chocolate cream filled.
Yes Kellan enjoyed sharing daddy's blueberry doughnut...
Kellan and I with the statue of Zelda outside of the Heathman Hotel
We had dinner at Dan and Louis Oyster Bar and of course had to start out with some oysters on the half shell...
I loved Powell's Books so much we back again Thursday after dinner.  On our way we walked through Chinatown.
We walked back to the river front to get a picture of the Portland sign at night.
Directional sign in Pioneer Square
Powell's Books...for the 2nd time :)
Statue in front of Powell's Books...Kellan couldn't take his eyes off of it :)
We headed back to the hotel to get ready for our last full day in Portland!


  1. Okay, Kris, seriously, you are disappointing all of your faithful followers! This lack of posting is just not cutting it. We know Kellan has had an eventful birthday of which we've seen no pictures, and I am sure he has been changing daily. We need picture evidence! You need to get back on this train, k? Kellan needs this documentation of his childhood. :-)